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Mobile Response

The Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team is composed of two crisis intervention specialists who provide in-community assessment and crisis stabilization services to individuals experiencing mental health or substance use challenges.

The mobile response team provides information, referrals, transportation and additional follow-up support and case management. The mobile crisis response program helps improve outcomes for those in need, while also supporting law enforcement and EMS so they can focus on calls where they are needed most urgently. The net result is improved mental health care for Orange County residents, at a lower overall cost to the community.

Services and Capabilities:

The Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team can help with a variety of non-emergency situations: 

  • Mental health or behavioral crisis
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Non-domestic violence family issues or disputes
  • Public assistance including lack of basic needs like food, shelter, water or clothing
  • Failure to conduct basic self-hygiene or failure to thrive
  • Intoxication welfare checks
  • Death notification
  • Homelessness, in conjunction and collaboration with local task forces


How it Works:

In cities with active programs, calls are received through the appropriate non-emergency line or 911. Dispatchers triage the situation and, when appropriate, deploy the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team to assist.

A mobile crisis unit of two counselors skilled in de-escalation, crisis stabilization services, counseling, and mediation effectively address both the emotional and social well-being of the client. Many times the situation is resolved in the community and local resources and referrals are provided.

A Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team can assist a client with non-medical transportation to appropriate support services. The team will provide follow-up to ensure ongoing support and client/family success


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For More Information

For general information about the Be Well OC Mobile Crisis Response Team, call: 949-749-2501.

  • Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PT
  • Calls received after hours will be returned the next day



The Need for Mobile Crisis Response Teams

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